How to Capitalise on Your Customers During Amazon Prime Day

Since its 2015 debut, Amazon’s Prime Day has become one of the biggest retail sales events in the e-commerce calendar. Taking place on July 12-13 this year, this is the time to make adjustments to your marketing and on-site strategy to compete against the retail giant in the coming weeks.  

Let’s look at three tactics from our latest guide How to Tackle Rising Acquisition Costs to help you boost sales. 

Strategy #1: Optimize Your Product Listing Pages for SEO

The product listing page is the most important page on your website, period. Don’t get caught in the trap of over-optimising your homepage, when in reality most of your customers will experience your site for the first time through one of your product listing pages. 

So, how can you persuade customers to buy more than one product and convince them to buy from you versus Amazon or your competitors? 

The quality of your product data (images & copy) is ultimately going to determine your success. Our partner Pimberly highlighted the importance of your product data and embracing effective SEO strategies in our latest e-book. Particularly noting the importance of carefully placed keywords that include answers to commonly asked questions to ensure clarity in product descriptions.

Additionally, make sure your product listing pages load in two seconds or less to pass Google’s Core Web Vital tests. If your page takes too long to load, you’ve introduced a major hurdle that can stop the shopping journey in its tracks. 

For more on this, download our Guide to Google’s Algorithm Update: Core Web Vitals

Strategy #2: Capitalise on Customer Convenience

This doesn’t just mean free shipping! ☝

Amazon has set the standard for rapid free delivery, and, reports show that 49% of shoppers will choose Amazon over competitors due to the shipping options even when products are more expensive. However, offering convenience doesn’t just mean fast and free delivery. If you don’t have the logistics to operate this, think about other ways you can offer convenience to your customers.

One way is by displaying hyper relevant Product Bundles and Recommendations. This is a really effective way to increase product attachment. And, offering specific bundle offers or discounts you shift slow moving inventory or introduce your customers to new product categories during peak periods. 

The reality is, customers aren’t shopping for a single item, they want to complete a project, a look or a beauty regime. Brands need to think more strategically about how they approach product attachment initiatives.

Amazon’s Recommendations Algorithm accounts for 35% of all of Amazon’s marketplace sales, so it’s safe to say that offering customers highly relevant and personalised product recommendations is a super effective way to boost your revenue.

Strategy #3: Treat your Highest Value Customers the Best

Amazon Prime Day happens once a year, Black Friday happens once a year and the January sales happen once a year. However relying on these peak periods isn’t a sustainable method to grow – especially if you want to be profitable! 

Loyal customers will shop with you all year long. So, focusing on building customer loyalty and long-term relationships will help you drive profitable growth. 

In our latest e-book Mention Me, talk about how marketers should reframe their thinking and embrace an Advocacy-First approach that puts customers at the heart of their acquisition strategy, because nailng the ratio between LTV to CAC is what will set you apart from your competitors. 

Brand loyalty starts with a good shopping experience – From the order process to the delivery experience, product quality and customer support requests. It then continues with brand loyalty programs, one that our partner TokyWoky Co-founder and CEO says says “‘supercharges advocacy and turn the brand’s best customers into ambassadors for life, by leveraging experiences worth sharing.”

With Amazon Prime day happening this week, there’s still time to make last-minute changes to your campaigns that can have a long-term effect on your ROI. For seven actionable strategies download our latest guide below

How to Tackle Rising Acquisition Costs

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