Increasingly AI

Manage your entire AOV strategy through one unified platform.

We use Three Core Approaches

AI Models

We use a combination of Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision models to power our Product Bundling technology.

  • Neural Networks are used to analyse numerical data in terms of what has been co-purchased in historic sales, abandoned carts and sequential behaviour.
  • Natural Language Processing is used to read syntax, gathering meaning and intent from titles and Descriptions.
  • Computer Vision is used to gather meaning from shapes, textures, and colours in products and used for image formatting.

Bundle Index™

The Increasingly Bundle Index™ is our proprietary product database which contains key product attributes across millions of different categories and SKUs. We feed this data into our AI models to gain a deep understanding of your product range to generate super relevant product bundle recommendations.

Bespoke Rules & Bundles

Sometimes you might want to override the algorithms with specific rules that suit your business needs. Our platform gives you this extra control. We’ve developed flexible bundling rules which are optimised towards product level, category level and brand level attributes. We also account for affordability ratings, compatibility or specific merchandising rules.

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Start seeing instant results with our easy on-site tag integration. Be up and running within a matter of weeks.


Powered by next generation AI. A combination of Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision models to deliver hyper-relevant product bundles.


A powerful Bundle Index™ overlaid 100s of bespoke rules tailored to your specific needs, gives you full control.

Clear Analytics & Reporting

We provide regular insights and analytics powered by Google data studio so you can easily assess the performance of your product bundles.

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