When customers come to your website, they are buying products to complete a look, a project or a plan. Often they leave without buying everything they need or want. They then look elsewhere later (eg at Amazon) to buy those things. Forrester Research says that retailers miss out on 10% of revenue in this way. That’s money left on the table …all because customers aren’t shown the right products at the right time and in the right way.
Increasingly solves this problem. The AI cross selling platform beautifully surfaces the products the customer needs to see when they need to see it. Using machine learning, past customer behavioural and purchase data, it builds a model of what is purchased, abandoned and viewed. It mixes this with availability data. Combined with great UX, you get more revenue.
More basket revenue for everyone!

Use Increasingly For

We all know ‘Frequently Bought Together’ on Amazon. Even though it drives 7% more revenue for Amazon, 98% of retailers sites don’t have this functionality. Here’s Increasingly to the rescue.

AI Bundling

We all know ‘Frequently Bought Together’ on Amazon. Even though it drives 7% more revenue for Amazon, 98% of retailers sites don’t have this functionality. Here’s Increasingly to the rescue.
The Perfect Bundle
Machine learning driven, and with real precision, the best product combinations are brought together. Product pairs based on individual customer behaviour and availability.
Configure Instantly
From within the bundles, the customer can configure the size, colour, quantity …in a flash. Customers love a helping hand and it shows in conversion rate.
Buy Together
Don’t send customers to more pages. By allowing the customer to buy the bundle in 1 click, you get bigger baskets.

Cross-sell Overlays

The key to driving a bigger basket value is to make the customer aware of what else they need… at the right time through the buying journey and in the right way. Use Increasingly to do that and you’ll see basket value soar!
Perfect Cross Sells

You can choose when Increasingly serves the cross sell overlays. Define any customer behavioral trigger at any point through the buying journey. A great example is to select Increasingly to serve at the mini-basket.

Algorithmically optimized
Categories showns and the products served are algorithmically driven and continuously auto-optimize based on performance.
Showcase important categories
You can showcase important categories like ‘Clearance’ or ‘Bestsellers’. The customer will always be served hyper relevant products and you’ll sell more.

Cross Promotions

Amazon’s two pillars of success are to give the customer massive convenience but also the perception of economic value. Use Increasingly to not only give massive convenience for your customers which drives up basket revenue but also to offer an incentive to buy more now!
Run cross promotions
You probably already run cross promotions but on-site, your customers frequently miss these marketing messages. Increasingly’s bundling is the perfect place for customers to learn about your cross promotion deals. Setup visibility to your cross promotions whether 2 for $50, 3 for 2 or 10% off.
Run value based discounts
Setup discounts through Increasingly for any product combinations. Incentivising the customer drives more bundle sales and a larger basket value.
Optimized discounting
Use our algorithmic approach to auto-optimize how much the discount is and never give away more than you need to.


Let’s make sure your customer sees exactly what they specifically need. Use Increasingly to drive bigger baskets through personlisation.
Individual behaviour
Segmenting down to an audience of one, bundles served are based on individual customer behaviour.
Changing prices
Different customers may deserve different pricing. Vary pricing based on persona type or if logged in.
Personalised discounting
Want to incentivise different customers differently? Set bundle discounting dependent on persona type and traffic channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

For our clients, our AI has been delivering 5 to 15% more site-wide revenue.
We need three simple things from you: 1. Our tags put on-site, 2. Your product feed and 3. 6-12 months of transaction history. Once we have that, 4 weeks later, you’ll see bundles more revenue !
We believe in flexible pricing. We are paid on performance or on monthly license fee. Get in touch and we can work out the options for you.
Yes! Increasingly is platform agnostic so works on any ecommerce platform.
Yes. You can set business logic and specific bundle configurations. Our chrome extension helps you with manage your account.
Yes we are! Check out our careers page for all open roles.