Your Ultimate Guide to Growing AOV

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This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Average Order Value (AOV). Your average order value offers a window into your customers’ shopping behaviour and tells you exactly how much they are spending on your products. When you understand what your customers are spending per order, you can then plan pricing and marketing strategies to boost the incremental value of each order.

We know customers aren’t shopping for a single item, they want to complete a project, a look or a beauty regime. This guide will help you think more strategically about how you can approach product attachment and ultimately get your customers to spend more of their hard-earned cash with YOU and not your competitors.

There are always transaction costs associated with each and every order, improving your AOV can help reduce these costs and significantly increase revenue to achieve greater profitability.

In this guide, you will learn

What AOV is and why it matters

What are the hidden benefits of boosting AOV

Key tactics to boost your AOV

This is your ultimate playbook to boost your AOV. If you want to grow revenue profitably, you’re in the right place!

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Tune into our 10-minute episodes all about how you can implement AOV boosting strategies.

Episode 1

Why should we care about AOV?

Episode 2

Upselling, Cross-selling & Down Selling

Episode 3

How to optimise Google Shopping for higher AOV

Episode 4

How to optimise PDP & Basket Page

Episode 5

How to Discount Strategically

Episode 6

What is Dynamic Recommendations

Episode 7

How to measure the ROI & prove Incrementality