Episode 1: Why does AOV Matter?

Alastair Kidner

Alastair Kidner

Customer Success Director

Oliver Roberts

Oliver Roberts

Solutions Consultant

Why should you care about AOV?

Boosting your AOV is one of the most efficient ways to boost your revenue. Here’s a list of reasons why.

Multiply profits

AOV has a multiplier effect on profitability. Your website incurs fixed costs every day - from warehouse to labour costs. Boosting AOV will give you incremental profit in each and every order.

Decrease the payback period for new customers

Increasing AOV means that each transaction helps to reduce the payback period for your CAC and moves you further towards breakeven and profit.

Improves cash flow

As a consequence of decreasing the payback period, your overall cash flow will improve. Cash flow will decrease the necessary working capital you need to operate and allow you to better pursue other revenue-boosting activities, such as market expansion or product development.

Sell more inventory

Boosting the number of items you sell per order allows you to shift inventory, saving on storage and warehouse costs and delivery costs if the customer gets everything they need in one go.

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We’ll be interviewing industry experts who’ll be sharing tried and tested tactics you can use to boost AOV. As we head closer to peak season, we want to help you retain and grow your AOV in a period where discounting will help your drive volume and sales but ultimately will be detrimental to your AOV and profit margins.

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Why should we care about AOV?

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