How to optimise PDP & Basket Page

Alastair Kidner

Alastair Kidner

Customer Success Director

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

Head of Design

Optimising the product details page (PDP)

Your product detail page is often the first thing a shopper lands on when reaching your website. This is your make or break, it is the place where your customers decide whether or not to click “buy.” 

The fundamentals of a standard product page include:

  • High-quality images
  • A descriptive product title
  • Options for colours & sizes
  • A short, sweet, and creative product descriptions
  • Clear price
  • A strong, visible CTA
  • Optimise your images for speed (Google’s core web vitals)

However, to optimise your product details page to improve AOV you should consider including elements such as. 

  • Product Bundling
  • Behavioural & Persuasion Triggers – “Selling Fast”, “Only 4 left” or “Trending” 
  • Personalised Messaging
  • Urgency Triggers
  • Product Recommendations

Use Product Recommendations Strategically:

  • higher value alternatives or similar (but slightly pricier) alternatives.

  • Recommend complementary products “People who purchased this also purchased” 

  • Recommend seasonal bestsellers


Optimising the Basket Page

Your basket page is a crucial part of the purchase journey, it’s really important to get this part of the funnel right. A recent report indicated that 75% of shoppers abandon their baskets before completing a purchase! This page should be as clear, simple and fast as possible.

Here are some best practices to boost performance on your basket pages:

  • A clear and detailed product summary 

  • Flexible payment options

  • Clear CTA to ‘check out’

  • Clear delivery and shipping options

  • Trust seals (so they know their money is safe)

  • Cross-selling (suggesting complementary products or add-ons)


Cross-selling on the basket page

If you’re serious about improving your average order value, cross-selling on the basket page is a great way to entice customers to buy additional products just before they checkout, similar to when you’re in the supermarket and you pick up some chocolate or some chewing gum in the queue.

It’s important to look at your purchase data to understand what kind of products are purchased together. Also, it’s worth testing different types of products on the basket page to ensure it doesn’t impact your conversion rate. Such as simple products (ones that don’t have multiple product options) or products of a lower value.

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