How to Discount Strategically

Alastair Kidner

Alastair Kidner

Customer Success Director

Jamie Wells

Jamie Wells

Go Certify

Courtney Maggs-Jones

Courtney Maggs-Jones


When it comes to incentivising customers, it’s easy to default to using a discount. This strategy may boost your conversion rate but blanket discounting is actually draining your margins and tarnishing your perceived brand value. 

However, if you use discounts more strategically you can actually boost your AOV and improve conversion rates. 

Some examples of strategic discounting:

  •  For those who deserve it
    • Closed user groups
    • Target specific user groups that meet your ICP

  • For VIP customers
    • Those who have a high life time value 
    • Those who have a high frequency of purchase
    • Those who are part of your loyalty programme

  • For those who need an extra incentive
    • Those who show signs of abandoning
    • Those who leave items in the basket

  • For those who have completed a valuable action
    • Social follow
    • Email subscription
    • Met a spending threshold
    • Joined loyalty programme

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