How to optimise Google Shopping for higher AOV

Alastair Kidner

Alastair Kidner

Customer Success Director at Increasingly

Wesley Parker

Wesley Parker

CEO & Founder at Demand More

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The way you optimise Google Shopping has changed over the years. Google Shoping is a key channel for customer acquisition.

Three key things to help optimise your Google Shopping Channel:

  1. Make sure you’re using a CSS. If you use google merchant centre you’re essentially paying  20% of the fee to Google as a management fee. CSS is negotiable and you get on average a 5% decrease in CPCs and an 8% increase in ROAS.
  2. Have a clear prioritisation framework. The products that drive 80% of your revenue you can optimise individually – manually go in and make changes and fill out manually – everything else can be rule-based.
  3. Use product bundles in ads. This allows you to increase the AOV by promoting additional products at the beginning of the buying journey. This increases ROAS as acquisition cost should not increase.


Three main advantages of using Product Bundling ads:

  • Increases the number of SKUs that can appear in the SERPs resulting in more incremental revenue – having multiple results per search results in increased impressions and incremental revenue above standard shopping activity.
  • Bundles have better ROAS due to higher AOV than stand-alone products so as a result, we see bundle campaigns having a higher AOV in search results as users buy multiple products together.
  • Push competitors below the fold. Product bundle ads allow you to take up more real estate in search results. This allowed you to push down your competitors and resellers and boost direct sales which are more profitable.


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