Increasingly Unveils a Product Rebrand to Match New Company Mission

“Product Bundles help customers buy and discover more, it’s that simple”

That’s what we do at Increasingly. We sell product bundles, looks, outfits, beauty regimes and entire DIY projects. Our AI technology, is, by design, helping customers find everything they need all in one place. 

Retailers have to manage 1000’s of products and cater to millions of searches, only to sell 1 item in each transaction. We’re on a mission to change this. Increasingly is helping brands achieve growth against all the odds, after almost six years we’ve decided to rebrand our products to reflect this mission.

Delivering highly convenient customer experiences that also meet revenue targets sounds pretty good, right? It’s something we chatted about to Paul Canavan, Multi Channel Director at Wickes recently…

“Bundles allow us to recommend attachment products which are delivering a 9 to 1 ROI, it’s a no-brainer for us”. Customer convenience was a huge win for Wickes as he also added, “The customer experience is much quicker, less frustrating and customers are able to find a set of products in stock to suit their projects really easily”  

Ultimately, we’re powering meaningful and relevant customer experiences across the entire customer journey and our product re-brand reflects this.

As our CEO Sri Sharma puts it, “Increasingly is an AOV boosting machine with the ability to enhance wider marketing activity, lifetime value and customer experience – all in one.” 

We’re all worried about the cost of customer acquisition. In fact, we know this is a huge challenge for marketers everywhere. What do you do for a channel that just keeps getting more expensive? Be more strategic about how you treat your individual customers when they land on your website.

So, without further ado. We’d like to re-introduce our products with a slight change in identity – we’re now putting customer convenience and experience at the heart of everything we do, because we know this drives higher AOV, better revenue outcomes, and long-term customer relationships. 

Product Bundling 👇

Inspired by Amazon, our bundles provide hyper-relevant customer experiences through intelligent “frequently bought together” features. 

Bundling, by design, boosts AOV in every transaction. What’s more, when a product is out of stock or low converting we auto-switch to Dynamic Recommendations – when it makes sense to do so. 

Product Collections 👇

Inspire customers with product discovery designed for higher AOV. Speed up the consideration process and showcase your best-selling Product Collections throughout the customer journey. 

Google Shopping Bundling 👇

Display automated product bundles straight into Google Shopping campaigns to improve ROAS and take up more Google Shopping real estate and push competitors below the fold.

All powered by Increasingly AI technology which is built on three core principles.  1. Proprietary AI Models, 2. The Increasingly Bundle Index™ and 3. Exceptional human expertise through the power of our manual bundling team.     

Our DNA remains the same — but our product identity has evolved alongside the way we think about Product Bundling and Recommendations across the entire purchase journey. 

Our refreshed products are only the start of our new chapter. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

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