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Increasingly Wins BIG at the 2020 Retail Systems Awards

Increasingly and Denby take home the trophy for E-commerce Solution of the Year at the 2020 Retail Systems Awards!

The 15th Annual Retail Systems Awards celebrates excellence and innovation within the retail sector. This year, Increasingly fended off the competition with their client Denby and won E-commerce Solution of the Year, beating some of the industries most established players!


AI Bundling Solution

Increasingly’s AI Bundling solution was implemented on Denby’s website to grow their site revenue by improving average order values and basket sizes.

A key insight from the team at Increasingly was that customers buy multiple sets of the same product. However, Denby found that this was really difficult for customers to execute, particularly on mobile which accounted for 70% of site revenue.

Increasingly’s platform made multi-buying a simple and seamless experience by implementing their proprietary Quantity Bundling technology, the system used AI to predict the highest converting quantities for customers across all devices. This resulted in a +50.03% increase in AOV across 22% of orders!

2020 has been a phenomenal year for growth at Increasingly. Growing from 40 clients to now servicing over 75 clients worldwide. They now have an international team of 60+ employees spanning the UK, Japan, and India dedicated to designing and deploying their products across the globe.

Over the past 12-months, Increasingly have continued to invest heavily in their Bundling technology to improve customer relevancy and experience and ultimately drive more revenue for retailers.

If you’d like any more information about Increasingly’s AI technology or want to learn more about the award winning campaign with Denby please contact the team via hello@increasingly.com.


Speaking on the win

Winning E-commerce Solution of the Year at the 2020 Retail Systems Award is absolutely mind-blowing, we beat 8 other companies in the same category, some of the industry’s biggest and most established players. This award has firmly put us on the map for 2021 and we’re so excited about what we can achieve with our clients next year”

Sri Sharma,

Increasingly’s CEO & Co-founder

“Increasingly AI has really added tremendous value to the Denby business. We have seen AOV increase and bundles now drive a significant portion of site revenue!”

Ged Lightfoot,

Senior E-commerce Manager at Denby

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