How Increasingly AI works

Increasingly is an AI powered cross selling platform. The smarts are in the AI, the UX, the features and the ease of use.

AI solving business problems

Increasingly AI uses machine learning through the customer journey. The AI analyses past purchase and abandonment data alongside individual customer micro behaviour.
Overlaying recency, affordabilty and impulse triggers, it detects purchase probability.
From there it identifies the perfect product combinations. In real time, these are served as millions of cross sell opportunities.

You are in control

No one wants an AI system that they can’t control or influence. Within the Increasingly platform, customers can access the platform through their own interface.
From there they can run reports, configure bundles, refresh feeds and more. Of course, our customer success team is here to help too.

Setup made Easy

Crucially, getting live has to be easy.
Increasingly is implemented through your tag management solution. This means we work with any ecommerce platform